​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The 2024/2025 Softball Association registration form is now available and open for registrations.

This page is for club & school administrators. If you are wanting to register to play with a club please click here on an Intermediate School click here.

​​​​​​​There are three steps to the registration process:

1.     Register Players  

2.     Enter your Teams

3.     Assign Players to Teams

​​​​​​​Through your Sporty website, you can view your 2023/24 database of members, you can email them with an invitation to re-register for the new season, or you can roll them forward yourself if you prefer.

Returning members:

It's easy to email members who registered with your club/school last season an invitation to re-register for 2024/25 - see How to invite your database back to re-register. This saves people having to re-enter their details, instead, they simply click on the invite link they are emailed and it opens the 2024/25 form prefilled with their last season's details. 

New members:

​​​​​​​Send a link to your form to new members - see How to create a link to your form

You can also add your own unique fields to the registration form if you wish to customise it for your own needs. The basic fields are automatically available to the association as a consolidated report, but your own fields remain securely confidential to your own club.

This lets everyone’s needs be met through the completion of one single webform so that you don’t need to run a separate parallel registration process.

Thank you for working with us with this system. It continues to improve the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of our records, which is important for our planning and reporting obligations.​​​​​​​