Umpiring Clinics:

2023 / 2024 season
Inquiries to Chief Umpire 

Active List of Umpires:

  • Mark Porteous: Level 7 WBSC International Umpire - NHSUA - President - SNZ Northern Regional Director of Umpiring
  • Andrew McManus: Level 7 WBSC International Umpire - NHSUA Senior UIC
  • Brydon Wells: Level 7 WBSC International Umpire 
  • John Hickman: Level 6
  • Robbie Sadgrove: Level 6
  • Michael Lee: Level 6
  • Simon Lindsay: Level 5 - NHSUA Junior UIC - Secretary
  • Kevin Sheehy: Level 5
  • Jo Edwin: Level 5
  • Bridget Baker: Level 4
  • Mike McCaw: Level 4 - NHSUA Treasurer
  • Shaun "Bob" Poata: Level 4
  • Chris Murdoch: Level 4
  • Brody Donald: Level 4
  • Colter Drummond - Hay: Level 3
  • Joe Zhang: Level 3
  • Andrew Charnley: Level 2
  • Daina Brazier: Level 2
  • Kelvin Chiles: Level 2
  • Tracey Vanderwalt: Level 2
  • Mason Read: Level 1

List of Former NHSA Umpires - click here


These tests are timed! 

25 questions in 60 minutes for Levels 1 to 3

50 questions in 120 minutes for Levels 4 - 7

SNZ Umpires Annual Rules Test 2022 Levels 1 to 3

SNZ Umpires Annual Rules Test 2022 Levels 4 to 7

Official Rules of Softball 2022/2025
​​​​​​​NHSA Rules and Bylaws 2022/2023

North Harbour Softball Umpire's Association - Constitution 2021

Fast Pitch Strike Zone


Softball New Zealand's Umpires Page

World Softball Baseball Confederation Umpires Page which is also where you will find the updated Bat List

Umpire History from 2007

Mark Porteous as Plate Umpire for the Japan v Canada game at the Tokyo Olympics 

Listen here to BEYOND THE DUGOUT's interview with our very own Mark Porteous - Softball New Zealand's Softballer of the Year and SNZ Umpire of the Year for 2020.  The interview was the day before Porty headed off to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games.  

Hosts of Beyond the Dugout - Jason Gerbes aka Chopper & Damian Collins

Mark Porteous

NHSUA President and SNZ Northern Regional Director of Umpiring

Simon Lindsay

NHSUA Junior Chief Umpire & Secretary

Photo to be added

Andy McManus

NHSUA Senior Chief Umpire


The North Harbour Softball Association (NHSA) in conjunction with the North Harbour Softball Umpires Association (NHSUA) will be running their 2nd season of the Orange Shirt programme in the 2022-2023 season. Based on an original concept, the Orange Shirt Programme was initiated by Auckland Softball Association during the 2019 Season.  

The NHSUA organisation and running of the Orange Shirt Programme is a volunteer organisation and as part of the overarching NHSA, we depend on parents, siblings and caregivers of the children to lend a hand on game day, at practices and generally running of the North Harbour Region. It is not an easy task as it takes dedicated people who not only love their children, but also have a love for softball as well. One of the toughest jobs we ask them to fill is being an umpire. Umpiring involves more than putting on a mask and protective clothing and walking onto a diamond of bright, eager children ready to have some fun! 

The Goal... To increase the numbers of Accredited Blue Shirt Umpires so that each team competing in the NHSA competition will have an umpire who has at the very least completed a Level 1 Umpire Accreditation. 

Orange Shirt Induction Programme 2023

  • Theory - Monday's 4th, 11th & 18th September - Zoom meetings 90 minutes.
  • Practical -  Monday's 25 September, 2nd & 9th October 6.30pm - 8.30pm - Down Stairs Clubhouse and Diamond 10 for practical. 
  • Theory - Monday 16th October 6.30pm - 8.30pm - Downstairs Clubhouse - Level One workbook & rules version 
  • Friday 20th October 4.00pm - Level One workbook submitted for marking
  • Online rules exam to be completed, date TBC.

For more information, please contact Kevin Sheehy at