Chief Scorer 

The Harbour Chief Scorer is Carolyn McQueen. Carolyn can be contacted via email at:


We have two scoring programmes: Orange Cap and Green Cap which are set to start next in October and they are both led by Carolyn McQueen, North Harbour Softball’s Chief Scorer!

The Orange Cap Programme is for current scorers from all grades looking to up-skill and potentially gain New Zealand Scorer Qualifications.

The last session for this year is on Wednesday 13th December at 6pm in the Scorers Room, Ground Floor of the Pure Athletic Stadium. 

The Green Cap Programme is for current and new scorers from all grades who are at a beginner level looking to upskill to an intermediate level.

The last session for this year is on Tuesday 12th December 6pm in the Scorers Room, Ground Floor of the Pure Athletic Stadium. 

So if you have a queries around scoring or want to further develop your scoring skills, you can attend these programmes free of charge!

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Beginners' Scorer's Manual
Scorers' Manual
iScore Guide
Reach Base Examples (tips for doing stats)

The basics you need when scoring is:

A score book

  • Fine width blue, red and green pens, mechanical pencils
  • Narrow twink type white out
  • Eraser if using a pencil
  • A ruler (plastic protractors work well and don't break as easily)
  • One of the above manuals for quick reference
  • Post it notes for jotting down queries or game plays when things happen quickly
  • A hard shell clip board box for keeping your gear in and for a hard writing surface.
  • Not essential but useful is the Softball NZ Rule Book available from Harbour Softball or the Home Plate gear shop on Saturdays

Where you sit in the NZ Scorers’ scheme of things

  • Level 1 = actively scoring (most team scorers)
  • Level 2 = passed the NZ Scorers theory exam
  • Level 3 = passed the NZ Scorers practical exam
  • Level 4 = passed the NZ Scorers badge practical exam
  • Levels 5 - 7 = promotion to and retainment is based upon assessments
  • You can go as far as you want and most are quite happy at Level 1.