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Just a reminder that we do have advanced online accreditations, including Base running & Sliding or Field Strength and Conditioning just to name a couple. This module has been developed for "Stage 4", Emerging Sox of the National Player and Coach Development Pathway.
Online Coach Accreditation List

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Update 18 May 2017

Softball New Zealand is pleased to release the National Coaching Strategy, 2017 - 2020.The purpose of this strategy is to state Softball New Zealand’s aspirations and set the direction for coaching in Softball for the next four years. The strategy sits alongside the National Player & Coach Development Framework and will provide a blueprint for developing a system to take Softball coaching in New Zealand towards being a world leader by 2020.

The Softball NZ National Coaching Strategy is now available for download. Click here .

Softball NZ would like to thank the Coaching Advisory Group for their support in this project.

Hitting Universals & Pitch Recognition Coach Accreditation Module

Softball NZ has developed a ‘Hitting Universals & Pitch Recognition’ module. The accreditation sits in Phase 3 of the National Player & Coaching Pathway.

At present the module is only available through the online coaching platform but will be available to SNZ presenters to deliver in the near future.

It is strongly recommended the Hitting & the Short Game module (Phase 2) is completed prior to commencing this more advanced module.

To register for a login and password please reply to this email with your full name and Association.

They are free and very beneficial. Take advantage of the instructional videos, free downloadable templates, and a lot of useful information.

Rookie and Emerging Sox Pitching/Catching programmes

The battery plays a key role in the success of a team but not many coaches are confident in helping develop these positions.  SNZ is looking for coaches to become accreditied for Rookie and Emerging Sox pitching Catching coaches. 
Softball New Zealand, NHSA, ASA, and CMSA would like to offer pitching and catching sessions locally to assist in club player development through our Rookie Sox Pitching/Catching Programme. 
This would  provide players the opportunity weekly to develp in comparison to one off clinics at their own softball club, reducing travel
SNZ Pitching/Catching Programmes Applications

Female Game

SNZ is pleased to release the revised version of ‘The Female Game’ via the SNZ website.

The Female Game is devoted to profiling and promoting female Softballers that have exceeded nationally and internationally.

It promotes female pathways, and profiles those that are fortunate enough to gain a US scholarship and play ball through the US college system. 15 female student-athletes are undertaking scholarships and playing ball within the US college system this year, more than ever before. 

We also promote the various opportunities available to play the game around the globe from professional to semi-professional and from educational to community focused.

Softball is a global sport. It not only offers fantastic pathways but it allows Softballers an opportunity to travel the world, discover new cultures, gain new friends and experience the game in a different light.

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